How to Invest in Gold, Right Now

In the current financial crisis, many people are concerned that their paper dollars are no longer safe. They are turning to physical assets which have stood the test of time, namely precious metals. How to invest in gold then becomes a practical issue – how to you actually do it.

Gold is currently available at a fairly low price in historical terms; but in the medium to long term, it is expected to rise in value. Many financial advisers now say that about 10% of your assets should be held in precious metals like gold.

But for some people, potential high returns from gold investment are not really the issue – they simply want to preserve their wealth. Traditional investments like shares and property are falling in dollar value currently, and they would be happy to have some of their wealth in a commodity which is less likely to erode this way.

If you are one of the people whose thoughts are turning to precious metal investment, whether it is for small or high dollar sums, then you need to know about the easiest way to do it. You need to know specifically how to invest in gold, and where to do it.

As you would expect, there are now many services which offer the ability to buy gold bullion online.

One of the best and most popular of these online services allows you to buy gold bullion (in amounts from as low as one gram upwards), store it safely in a vault (in New York, London, or Zurich), and sell it again whenever you wish. It should take you less than fifteen minutes to register, fund your account, and buy the gold bullion you want.

What about the price of gold on offer there? This service bases its gold price on the current world spot price for gold, plus a small fraction. Thus, you are getting your gold much closer to the ‘wholesale’ cost. This compares very favorably with other ways of acquiring physical gold, such as bidding for bullion coins on eBay or similar auctions, or buying gold sovereigns from a coin dealer.

Currently, the online service I recommend is offering a free gram of gold (worth approximately $20) for those who register a new account.

I have investigated other gold buying services online, and can say that this is the easiest and most secure way to own and store physical gold. This service already has 40,000 customers, and has extensive online help available for those who are buying gold for the first time.

Any gold you buy is held in a safe and very secure vault of your choosing. It is also insured for you.